The MOST delicious pastrami sandwiches, burgers and milkshakes I’ve ever eaten, anywhere in Australia. No exaggeration!

Bernie’s buzzes, a perfect ’50s replica, with shakes, flips and floats, red booths, sundaes, splits and pies. There are burgers, dirty dogs and southern fried chicken, house-cured pastrami and icy metal milk-shake containers.

Bernie’s has a long rich history in Moss Vale starting with Emmanuel Benardos who was born on the island of Kythera, Greece in 1895.

In 1913 he boarded a ship in Athens for the 6 week journey to the fledgling nation of Australia on the search for a better life. After stints in country towns in western N.S.W. he arrived in Moss Vale in 1925 and opened The Central Cafe. Bringing with him European hospitality and food not seen before in country town Australia.

The Central Cafe closed in 1927 and moved, after Emmanuel purchased the current premises and renamed his business ‘Bernie’s Cafe’ as he was starting to become known as ‘Bernie’ around the small town.

Emmanuel Benardos married Mirsini Potiris of Cooma in 1933, they had four children. George, John, Andrew and Kalomyra. Emmanuel died in 1954 and Mirsini was left to run Bernie’s Cafe with her four children. In 1958 they decided to sell the business.

Breathe new life into your tastebuds

ioannis-218x300Fast forward 55 years: Ioannis Benardos (“Yani” – Emmanuel’s grandson) has breathed new life into this Moss Vale icon.

The meticulously designed premises now resemble an excellent example of an Art Deco American diner with touches from the 1950’s. One of the few examples of the quintessential American diner in Australia.

Bernie’s Diner is a popular weekend destination for Sydney-siders, car clubs, sports clubs and foodies looking for something different. Saturdays are super-busy so try to get in early, or simply grab a takeaway and enjoy it in the park. You will want more!

Get your own Bernie’s apron

Latest news is that Bernie’s aprons are now available for sale. If you enjoyed your burger or pastrami sandwich then head over to their website and grab an apron.

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