We provide solutions to our clients problems

Moss Vale Security Services is a family owned and operated security oriented company servicing the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas.

We offer a range of security related services including:

  • Alarm installation / servicing / repairs
  • Back to base monitoring
  • CCTV installations / servicing / repairs
  • Safes supply and install
  • Guards and patrols
  • Alarm Systems

Moss Vale Security Services will come out to your home or place of business and sit down with you to understand your needs and concerns before designing a system that is tailored to your specific needs.

The team will create an easy to use and affordable alarm system that is backed up with back-to-base monitoring capabilities. Help you to minimise your risk of your business or family becoming the next statistic.

Q: How has running a business in the Highlands affected your family life?

David: Since relocating our business down to the Highlands our family life has improved. There isn’t the stress and hustle and bustle of Sydney, however, we do still have to go to Sydney for some of our customers but there is always the feeling of stress relief once you pass Narellan Rd knowing the city is behind and the country life is in front.

Q: How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

David: Our best form of marketing is customer referrals. We don’t believe in mass marketing, our customers are our marketing strategy. If they are satisfied with our service and products they refer us to their friends and we have found this is to be very successful. As we have only been down here for 3 years we have had to take out a couple of ads, such as Highlife and Lattelife magazine to try to increase our exposure. We recently rebadged our company vehicle as another form of advertising.

Q: Why do your customers choose you over competitors? 

David: We believe that our customers choose us over the competitors for a couple of reasons; 1. We treat all our customers as people, not just a dollar sign and 2. We like to treat our customers with a personal touch, when they call for whatever reason we treat them like a friend, ask how they are doing, how are the renovations / holiday going, we make them feel wanted and important, after all, if wasn’t for our customers we wouldn’t have a business.