Follow Jill ‘On the FoodPath’ as she chatters on social media, spreading the word about the great food and wine of the Southern Highlands

Jill grew up on a farm and loves local fresh food and the people who grow/make it. The Southern Highlands is a diverse food and wine growing area. Jill loves to share information about the food of the Southern Highlands and other areas that she discovers and finds interesting. Through social media Jill shares her passion with others. She also provides consultancy services for growers and restaurants who want to know about the local food scene.

Consultancy services in the Southern Highlands about local food and wine.

Jill has an extensive knowledge about the food and wine scene in the Southern Highlands and is a great networker. She provides help and support to new and emerging small to medium businesses to help identify opportunities, target markets and to grow their business.

Services include social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and blogging, to help raise awareness and drive customers to your business.
Reasonable prices and flexible arrangements. Call Jill to discuss.

Jill is currently working on the Southern Highlands Food and Wine Clusters project initiated by Brigid Kennedy and supported by the Moss Vale and Rural Chamber.

Q: How has running a business in the Highlands affected your family life?

Jill: My business involves the promotion of our local food and wine producers and encouraging people to explore and enjoy them. This is a passion of mine so I am able to work this work around my lifestyle, no problem. Visiting wineries, trying out new cafes, visiting new farmers and finding out about their business – it is all good.

Q: How do you build a successful customer base?

Jill: I have used social media to help me to build a successful database. Over the past six years I have been talking about the food and wine of the Southern Highlands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I now have people following me and using me as a resource so they find out what is going on.

Q: To what do you most attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

Jill: My presence on social media and my networking within the Southern Highlands have both helped me to achieve what I have in my business. Key elements for running a successful business are being easy to do business with; being responsive and timely in my interactions with my clients; listening to the customer and clarifying what they want, so they are happy with what I provide; finding the best way to communicate with my customers in their busy lives.

Q: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Jill: When my posts are shared and retweeted, giving my customers exposure to a larger audience – the growth can be exponential.

Q: How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing?

Jill: When I want more business I do direct target marketing. All my customers know me so I don’t need to do cold canvas marketing.

Q: What are the best free/paid resources and services in the Highlands that have helped you grow your business?

Jill: Social media!