Highlands Drive Safe won the prestigious award at the 2014 Momentum Energy Illawarra Business Awards for their work with older drivers and rehabilitation training, assessment and community work.

Driving you forward

Highlands Drive SafeSue and Murray Tyler have lived in the Southern Highlands for over 26 years. They raised their two children here and love working with the people of the Southern Highlands, helping them to achieve their own goals of gaining their license, mobility and employment.

Through new techniques and training methods they are helping older drivers transition easily and more safely to assist drivers in retaining their mobility within the community.

Keys 2 Drive Free Lesson

Highlands Drive Safekeys2drive is a program that helps new drivers prepare for the realities of P-Plate driving.

The free lesson keys2drive is providing a free lesson to beginning drivers, which brings the beginning driver and the supervising driver (usually mum or dad) together with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

Funded by the Australian Federal Government, the ‘free lesson’ introduces the keys2drive coaching approach (‘Find Your Own Way’), with examples of how the supervisor and beginning driver can use this approach when learning to drive.

Go to www.keys2drive.com.au to register and get your ID number then call us on 0248844473 or 0428844473 or we can register you – call us for details.

New Safer Drivers Course

The New Safer Drivers Course is available in the Highlands catering for Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale. Module one is a

Module one is a three-hour interactive theory session on Safer driver behavior and module two is hands-on in car coaching sessions putting safer driving strategies into practice. The course is for participants with a minimum 50 hours in their logbook and credits 20 hours in the logbook.


Highlands Drive Safe with Pru GowardAchievements and Awards

  • Finalists at the 2016 NSW Telstra Business Awards in the Micro Business category, representing the Southern Highlands and Moss Vale area
  • 4th time as Micro Business Finalists
  • 2nd time as Regional in the Telstra Awards
  • 6 times Finalists for NSW since 2011

Q: How do you build a successful customer base?

Sue: Building a solid customer base starts with listening and understanding what your customer wants. If you don’t identify the customer’s need it won’t matter how good your product or service is , your customer won’t need it. A business must build a relationship with their customers, at Highlands Drive Safe all our customers are part of our extended family – we care about helping them achieve their goals. Long term relationships ensure business success.

Q: What are the best free/paid resources and services in the Highlands that have helped you grow your business?

Sue: The Highlands has a wide range of social media networks  with more  developing each week. These social media  groups/ pages help locals know what we offer and  the specials we  have on at the time. Our media  outlets have  great deals  on publicity  and our local chambers of commerce  and business networks are an ideal  way of developing  business/ client  contacts and  they offer  sound advice to local business owners.

Q:    What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Sue: Every time we see a client  pass their driving test and become mobile, we see their lives change with new confidence and opportunities. For some clients our services help them overcome  illness, trauma and rehabilitation. Helping clients achieve something that they thought impossible is rewarding to all involved in their journey.

Q: To what do you most attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

Sue: We attribute  our success to a sound business plan and marketing plan, these have been the backbone  to the business and are reviewed regularly to change with the customer and business needs. A business must be flexible enough to respond to and ever changing market.

The main key elements that  are essential for starting and running a business are :

Confidence – in yourself and your dream

Perseverance – running a small business does not happen over night

Patience –  with yourself, your family , your customers and everyone that will  help make your business a success

Family support – you will need it and it will be worth it if you have  the support of loved ones

Research – before you open the doors or even think about location, do your homework – a good solid business plan is essential,  find a good mentor or business network to get advice. Good  planning and research  is the key to success.


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