Our premium quality meat and catering are built on a long standing tradition of raising our own pasture fed livestock. We follow the process back to the source ensuring the best quality product, free from hormones and antibiotics.

maugers-meats-butchervintagemaugersIn 1972 Joe Mauger established the first butchery in Burrawang, principally selling Beef and Lamb. In 1976 at the age of 16 Joe’s son John started working at the shop and by 18 started managing the store while his father ran the farm.

Today John prides himself on producing the very highest quality of meat by managing the process from the farm to the store. Its a whole process where livestock are pasture raised in natural surroundings without the use of antibiotics or chemicals to produce a higher quality meat, naturally.

Maugers meat is now sold direct through two stores, in both Moss Vale and Burrawang. It can also be found in various grocery stores throughout the Highlands as well as in some of the finest restaurants in the highlands and further afield.

The Maugers brand has proudly become synonymous with the very finest quality meat from the Southern Highlands. The catering business has also included great success with its famously succulent slow roasted meats, tasty salads, cheese platters and desserts.

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