Resources, Support and Community for New Managers

The National Learning Institute is headed by Bob Selden who has over 30 years’ experience working in the area of management and training. Bob specialises in helping business build their strength through their people – staff, customers, suppliers, owners and the community.

business-bob-seldenBob’s worked with businesses in most sectors including retail, wholesale, agriculture, manufacturing, financial services and transport. He’s worked with both small and large organisations on 5 continents, so he’s probably experienced some of the challenges you’re facing.

His book, “What To Do When You Become The Boss: How new managers become successful managers” has now sold over 55,000 copies and been published in 4 languages – English, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese and is available online or from the Bowral Book Shop.

Bob Selden can help and advise with the people side of your business. It could be customer service, skill development for staff, business or family relationships. Whatever the people issue is Bob can assist.

Please contact Bob on 0 4 111 9 444 1 for a discussion and an obligation free quote.