Your Farmer’s run an ecologically managed, family farm tucked away in a secluded valley of the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

Our stock grazes on the area’s rich pastures. Using biodynamic and rotational grazing, we produce the purest organic meat with no hormones or chemicals in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our beef is naturally soft, succulent and full of flavour! Why? Because we take the time. Our grass-fed beef takes 3-beef-yourfarmer4 months longer to mature than grain-fed beef and contains less fat than chicken. We then dry-age our beef using age–old methods. You get the purest, tastiest and healthiest beef on the market. There are no intermediaries. Our produce comes direct from the farm to you at the lowest possible price.

Our Community Supported Agriculture scheme makes this possible. Through your membership you become part of a farming community and get to know us as your farmer and our farming practices. Your subscription provides us security and enables our continued dedication to environmental sustainability and the highest quality organic produce.


Our Address:

205 High Range Ln, High Range NSW 2575


-34.37214933972361, 150.31686978048697