Member Q & A with Chris from Heart Spring

Tell us a little bit about Heart Spring?

Heart Spring was established in 2015 with the purchase of Spring Plus – a local delivery service for bottled spring water that had been operating in Mittagong since 2002. Now in its third year, Heart Spring has enjoyed substantial growth, taking on the full bottling operation and extending deliveries to health-conscious customers across greater Sydney and into the Shoalhaven, Wollondilly and Illawarra Shires.

What inspires you about your role at Heart Spring?

With a career background in the nutritional health sector, Chris has a strong commitment to bringing Heart Spring’s pure spring water, in as natural state as possible, straight from the spring to your door, in an efficient, cost effective and sustainable process.

What sort of values define the people and culture of Heart Spring?

In keeping with Heart Spring’s organic, local and eco-friendly ethos, the company now also distributes a range of products for Highlands Beverages (mineral water) from Burrawang; Pomologist Cider made in Robertson; and eco choice packaging products (non-plastic, plant based):

What’s on the agenda for 2017?

We will be employing more people to keep up with demand as well as automating our processes to improve efficiency and reduce the mundane repetitive aspects.

Heart Spring is based in Fitzroy Falls – what is special about the area 1) to you personally 2) as a work place? 

Whilst building the Heart Spring brand, owner Chris Cloran and partner Debby have uncovered some fascinating family history and connection to the town of Burrawang and, literally, to the spring itself which is situated on land that was farmed by Chris’ great, great, great, grandmother, Catherine Kerwick and her family as far back as 1861. This ancestral history came as a complete and serendipitous surprise for the Clorans who were drawn to the Southern Highlands from Sydney’s North Shore in 1999.

Tell us about the Milestones and Awards that your business has achieved. 

Highlands is the only Australian mineral water to receive the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI) Superior Taste Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017, in blind tastings conducted in Brussels by Michelin Chefs and Sommeliers:

Meanwhile our Pomologist Cider has been awarded bronze and silver medals at the Australian and Tasmanian Cider Awards.

What do you value about being part of Moss Vale Chamber? 

The opportunities created by the Chamber support has helped our business grow and I love being connected to this community.